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Breakfast Sausage Gravy

Who can resist old fashioned biscuits and gravy?   I think sausage gravy has a reputation of being  difficult to make–not so!!   Try it soon with homemade biscuits, English muffins or potatoes.

Simply Wonderful Sausage Gravy

Your favorite brand of breakfast sausage

Flour (I used white whole wheat, but use what you like best)

Milk/water (whole, half and half, cream, evaportated…your choice again)

In a heavy saucepan, crumble sausage and brown on medium heat.


Sprinkle with flour.  A good ratio would be 1.5 pounds of sausage to 1/2 cup flour.  It’s a forgiving method.  You want the sausage to be coated with flour so it soaks up the fat.

Cook briefly to brown the flour.  Pour 2 cups of milk over the sausage.

Stir as the milk is incorporated into a thick sauce.  Bring to a boil and stir and boil for one minute.  Add additional milk or water to thin as needed to make the sauce to your liking.

A thick, meaty breakfast gravy to serve in just minutes.  Simple, real food for real appetites.


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