Alisa (~A), aka the ‘mother’:  I have to be honest.  I don’t really remember not cooking.  One of my biggest interests as a young girl was sending for the free recipes booklets on the foodstuffs my mother would buy at the grocery store (think Quaker Oats,  Pillsbury Flour…..)  I was always game to figure out how to make everything myself–from scratch as they used to call it.  As Sarah mentioned below, we have a large family and home schooled for 24 years, which means we had three meals, plus snacks prepared and eaten in our kitchen every day for what seems like forever.  Our kitchen has seen plenty of disasters along with wonderful successes and always, always with learning as a lifestyle.  I have often thought it curious that we were created to eat so often.  Why didn’t God make it so we could eat once a week, or every three days?  I have come to believe that preparing food, discovering new flavors, textures, methods, all add up to a rich and satisfying life.  It is the abundance God speaks of–we don’t just eat, we experience His goodness and variety in the endless things we can learn about feeding our bodies.  Sarah has been my inspiration in so many ways in the kitchen.  She is exact and adventurous while I can be thrifty and repetitive.  Her drive to have an excellent diet using organic, fresh ingredients keeps me searching to improve our diets, too.  This blog is our answer to share our journey with each other–we are thrilled to have you join us in the quest to set a Graceful Table, too.

Sarah (~S) , aka the ‘daughter’: I have been putting off updating this for about 2 months now, and it just looks sad and lonely over here, so I thought I would jot down a few notes about me and how I ended up here. I believe I started baking/cooking around the age of 6 or 7. In my free time as a elementry aged child, I would plan and cook eleborate (for a 10-12 year old) 4 course meals for my family of 9, record educational cooking videos on how to perfectly execute macaroni and cheese from a box, and of course, bake christmas cookie plates for the entire extended family on a yearly basis. Needless to say, my passion for cooking has a long and colorful history. Currently – cooking is my creative outlet as my day job is dry and numeric based – I often plan meals in my head while compiling spreadsheets and sitting on endless teleconferences. In addition to my passion for cooking, I look for interesting and tasty ways to use whole foods in my cooking. I enjoy the challenge of cooking as well as I can while still being frugual – I was never one to turn down a challenge. This blog came about after a phone conversation with A (above) – exchanging the infamous question – and what did you make/eat – and send pictures! – to – a blog that incorporates both.


10 responses to “Bios

  1. Rachel

    Excellent blog ladies! The desserts look absolutely delicous. Can’t wait to try some of those peanut butter balls that I know and love on Christmas day.

    Keep up the great work and cooking!


  2. You have no idea how excited I am to see this. I’ll be back! Tho’ it makes me miss you more than ever. . . .

  3. Jennifer

    I look forward to you posting some great low carb heathly items to aid in reducing my waist line…which enjoyed your cookie plates and jams! But didn’t help my new years resolution…to reduce my waist size…


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  5. Emily Martinez (Haynes)

    Alisa, I haven’t had your cinnamon rolls since grade school when I stayed nights at your house with Sarah. I will definately try my hand at the recipe!

    Thanks gals! –Emily

  6. Nathan

    The blue plates add a splash of color!

  7. John Trepen


    We desperately need some of your famous chocolate chip cookies really really badly!


  8. Carol

    While sorting my desk (reminisence of a Biblical tell) I discovered your blog address. Delightful! And, when I get my tell’s depths plummeted, delicious opportunities to stir up yummy, nutritious tastes while I watch the rice grow in the backyard (just 20 feet from my kitchen window).
    Perhaps when Katie and friend Kyla come the end of June they will help me make a blog. I do have the title–“Rim with a View” or “My View from the Rim”… Whadaya think?
    Love you, gracious lady,

  9. April

    I’m finally sitting down to enjoy your blog. The other day I made the peanut butter banana muffins, with dark chocolate chips. I must say, they were outstanding!!! Even my skeptical coworkers at Riverlink commented on how excellent they tasted. (I must admit that I used WHITE flour….., although I’m not opposed to the good stuff.) Love this blog!

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