Simply Steelhead on the Grill

Costco strikes again with beautiful fillet steelhead!  My photographer wanted to share his method of bbq’ing, our favorite way to eat it :).

He likes to cut the fillet into about 2 inch pieces…the tail section will be longer and narrower, of course.

Heat the grill to medium and spray with PAM.

Place the fish skin down on the grill and give the pieces a moderate salting.  DO NOT CLOSE LID of bbq.

After a few minutes, flip the fish; if you see grill sear marks you are done with that side; if not, give them a few more minutes.

When you are satisfied with your grill marks, you should be able to peel the skin off.  The grayish fat layer will be exposed.  Scrap this off with the end of your spatula.

Ick.  Throw this out.

Salt this side.  Grill this side until when you push down with your spatula at the thickest point, the fish feels firm.  Now turn the heat up to briefly to brown the skin(now removed) side of the fish.  DO NOT OVERCOOK!  You are just giving it the beauty treatment.


~M, our competent photographer and grill master

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One response to “Simply Steelhead on the Grill

  1. Jenn

    Yummmm… Can’t wait to try this one on the Treager Grill. Great photo’s too, enjoy your blog and pictures – it’s my online cookbook. We always cook our fish on the cedar planks, we’ll have to try your method and see how it turns out.

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