Steelhead-A Fish Story

Have you tried the fresh farm raised Steelhead at your local Fred Meyer yet???  I know this “locates” me to the Pacific Northwest, but this fish is worth a post just to motivate those who can shop for this, to do so!  Our middle son is working as a fish monger at Fred Meyer. He has been surprised how many people dismiss “farm raised” fish.  This fish is raised in a free running section of the Columbia river near the Canadian border so compares to our grass fed beef! They have been running specials on this fish at $2.99 a pound…a typical fish weighs 5-8 pounds.  The store will clean and fillet the whole fish for you.  If you love salmon, you are missing out to NOT buy this fish, especially at this price.  And, if you are like me and have a wonderful husband to BBQ it for you, then you will never need to visit your local fish restaurant again.


Cut into 2 inch wide sections along the length of the fish.

BBQ on moderate heat  on skin side first until bbq marks appear.

Flip to meat side and scrape off skin and fat.

I know this looks disgusting but you are discarding this stuff!

This fish has enough fat to stay moist if you are careful to not overcook meat side.  Flip and finish off the skin side (without the skin–you have discarded, it, remember???).

Heart healthy bliss.  We even like it for breakfast :).



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2 responses to “Steelhead-A Fish Story

  1. Teresa

    Love this post, but I doubt I can get Mr Bill to purchase salmon…. But fishing season is about to commence. See you on the river!

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