Amazing Pizza Bread–Vegan, too!

This bread absolutely amazes me; it has no cheese but tastes cheesier(is that a word?) than most cheese breads I’ve had the pleasure of sampling.

Cheese is right up there with cookies as one of my favorite food “groups” so I have had the quite a bit of experience in that area.  It does require sourdough but this is a great time to make a starter if you haven’t already.  Starters love warmer weather! Be brave!  Be strong!  Enlist your children in the process; they will love watching the natural, wild yeasts come to life!

Amazing Pizza Bread

The night before,  mix together in your heavy duty mixer bowl:

1 cup sourdough starter

1 scant cup water

2 very full cups flour–although I love my freshly ground whole wheat flour, I have been having a bit of love affair with the new whole grain white flour from Costco–Eagle Mills All Natural Unbleached All Purpose Flour.  My starter is whole wheat but I added the Eagle Mills for the overnight rest.

Mix thoroughly with dough hook or wooden spoon.

Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let it do it’s magic overnight.

Next day:

Measure into bowl with starter:

1 3/4 cup lukewarm water

2 cups whole wheat flour, freshly ground or white whole wheat

1  cup Eagle Mills unbleached flour

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons salt

Knead with dough hook, 5-6 minutes


1 more cup each of whole wheat and unbleached flour–total of  5 cups

1 cup sun dried tomatoes packed in oil, chopped

Knead 1-2 more minutes

Rise until doubled, about 1-2 hours.  Rising time varies greatly depending on flour and temperature in your kitchen.

Punch down and shape into two rounds.

Place on parchment.

Spray with PAM, cover rounds with a piece of wax paper and let rise about 1 hour .

Meanwhile, turn on your oven with baking stone on middle rack to 425 degrees.

When your loaves look lovely about twice their original size, then–

Slit the top of your rounds.  Now slide the parchment with the rounds onto the stone.

Bake 25-30 minutes.  Remove by hand or with a flat, rimless cookie sheet.

Cool on rack.

All your pizza lovers will follow the smell and ask you for a slice way before it’s cool enough to cut.  Go ahead.  Life is short.





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3 responses to “Amazing Pizza Bread–Vegan, too!

  1. Carol

    Yum! We’re coming in October. How about a walk/talk and a sample of something wonderful from your kitchen? Love U

  2. Oh, I am a carbaholic, so this is really tickling my fancy! I have been experimenting with breads lately (with slightly more failures than successes) and so this one is on the list now. I love the pizza stone, and just purchased a stone loaf pan from Pampered Chef. Can’t wait!! Thanks for posting 🙂

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