Avocado Mash

Who can resist beautiful, bountiful avocados?  S. used to live where avocados resided in your backyard!  Here in the NW we are content to find them on sale, in season.  Although we have had the fresh refrigerated “guac” from the supermarket, nothing compares to homemade.  Here’s our method:

Choose the dark, pebbly skinned avocado that barely gives under slight pressure.  No hard, resistant ones for the best “mash”.  Cut the avocado in half; remove pit and scoop meat into bowl.

Juice one lemon and sprinkle on avocados.

Mash together until slightly chunky.

Chop a tomato or two and add to mixture.

Sprinkle with salt.  Add sour cream or yogurt to add creaminess, if desired.

Variations: lime juice instead of lemon, salsa instead of tomato…..you get the idea.




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4 responses to “Avocado Mash

  1. Carol

    I just happen to have an avocado, a tomato, and some sour cream in my frig, so your easy-to-do recipe is on today’s menu for the top of our taco salads.

    We also just “happened” to mention to our neighbor that we were looking for a used frig to hold all the fresh produce I buy each week. He looked a bit startled and then said, “Well, I just happen to have a used frig in my garage and we’re not taking it to Germany when we move June 23. I was planning on asking around who would like it…” Love those “just happened,” like “Ruth just happened to glean in Boaz’s field…”

    I may have to wait to cook with coconut oil until we’re stateside. The commissary is much smaller than the one on Okinawa and doesn’t carry as much. I’ll check, just in case they “happen” to carry it…

  2. Jennifer

    If this is the recipe you prepared for us at the beach I, a virgin to avocado’s, (yes I have never had an avocado before this wonderful treat!) liked this recipe big time!! Thank you for sharing with us!

    It was excellent, I look forward to adding this recipe to our summer BBQ’s!

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