Menu – May 17-22

Wow – it’s been a while, sorry for the break! I have missed my menu plans – been a lot of, ‘hmm, whats for dinner tonight?’ moments over the past few weeks, while I have delicious food sitting in the freezer waiting to be eaten (just have to remember to thaw it!). Summer weather has definitely arrived here in the southeast, so most cooking has moved to the stove top or the grill to save on cooling efforts.


Breakfast: Leftover roasted potatoes, leftover bacon

Lunch: Salad (leftover grilled chicken, greens, tomatoes, bacon, fresh mozzarella, vinaigrette)

Dinner: Grilled Hamburgers, ‘Kraut, mashed cauliflower

Prep: Thaw pancakes, thaw salmon, start sourdough rye bread, make salad dressing


Breakfast: Buckwheat Pancakes, Lemon Curd

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: Grilled Salmon, Braised turnips

Prep: Thaw ground lamb


Breakfast: omelets: Eggs, Avocados, Cheese, Spinach 

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: Lamb burgers, ‘kraut, mayo & mustard

Prep: Thaw Scallops


Breakfast: Eggs, spinach, cortido

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: Pan-seared scallops, CSA veggie or salad

Prep: pick up CSA, thaw shrimp


Breakfast: Eggs & veggies

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: Grilled shrimp & veggies


Brunch: Potatoes & Bacon

Dinner: Out


This post is part of Menu Planning Monday


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2 responses to “Menu – May 17-22

  1. JoAnne

    Hi Sarah,
    Can you tell me how you make your buckwheat pancakes?
    Aunt J

  2. gracefultable

    Aunt JoAnne-

    I have been using this recipe:

    It is a pretty basic recipe, but I think they are delicious! I like that it uses 100% buckwheat flour instead of a combo like most buckwheat pancake recipes. Let me know if you try it! I plan to do a post on these pancakes soon!


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