Breakfast Cookie Conversations

One of my baking goals is to develop the perfect breakfast cookie.  If you have read this blog for any time at all, you know that cookies are in our “most wanted” list of bakery items, homemade, of course.  Since discovering almond flour during my wheat-free Lent, I have been experimenting on the path to that perfect cookie. I thought I would let you in on one of my attempts yesterday.  I started with this recipe and freelanced from there.

First up, toasting and chopping the pecans.

Take the almond flour out of the freezer.  Let it thaw a bit.  (It’s hard as a rock when removed from the freezer.)

Gather the rest of the ingredients.  I decided to add coconut oil since I had enough nuts to make a recipe and a half.

So far I have added almond flour, nuts, baking soda and salt.

I didn’t even bother to mix up the liquids–melted butter, melted coconut oil and vanilla–but just poured them over the dry ingredients.

Knowing that almost everything is improved with chocolate, I chose a square of bittersweet chocolate to grate into the mixture using my new Microplane zester (if you have not treated yourself to one of these yet, by all means buy one as soon as you can!)

Mix gently together.

Shape on wax paper.

Freeze one hour.

Slice, bake and cool on parchment.

Eat.  Several.

I haven’t given you the particulars of my changes since they aren’t there yet!  I hope you like” listening” in on the conversation :), though.




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4 responses to “Breakfast Cookie Conversations

  1. Love it! I’m obsessed with breakfast cookies and just posted something like this. How random that I’d stumble on your blog today? 🙂

    • gracefultable

      Oh, how fun Michelle! I am glad someone else has my same obsession. Surely the perfect breakfast cookie is within our grasp :).

  2. Michelle

    I, too, am often looking for the perfect breakfast cookie! And regarding this recipe, I was wondering about adding a bit of ground flax, say a few tablespoons, to the mix. Has anyone tried that?

  3. gracefultable

    Hi Michelle
    I have used flax seed boiled with water–looks like egg whites–for a thickener in cookies before when baking for my vegan son instead of eggs. I have also added ground flax in baked goods. I would be a bit skeptical at putting them in this particular cookie because it is so fragile. It might work really well or add an off flavor.
    Let me know if you try it; I would be interested to see how they turn out.

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