Birthday Blooms

In honor of my photographer’s birthday today, I am posting some of his creations.  Not many people know that you can hybridize rhododendrons, the beauties of the Northwest, providing you have the patience of Job and the tenacity of a chemist.  The seeds are dust-like and you have to mate them on the stamens.  You must then wait for the seeds to mature, collect and dry the pods……yadayada. The mean time from thoughts of mating to blooming plant is at least seven years–think Jacob and Rachel in the Bible…..Like I said, not many people attempt it!  

Happy Spring time Blooms to all our readers–we appreciate your comments and your stopping by our blog :).



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4 responses to “Birthday Blooms

  1. Jamie

    He makes Beautiful Blooms!

  2. Carol

    Fantastic! I miss heading down your driveway past these gorgeous flowers and then walking, talking, laughing, crying, praying, planning, dreaming, daring with you. What good days they were–permanently in my hard drive to bring up and savor all over again! Love you, lady.

    • gracefultable

      Thanks for stopping by–be sure and let me know what recipes you try and how they turned out. I will be looking for the link to your blog soon!!

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