Bits of Bacon

I have mentioned the book,  The End of Overeating several times in this blog.  One of the secrets of restaurant marketing revealed in the book was adding bacon to any dish on the menu assured a spike in sales.  We love bacon in America on everything and anything.  Bacon ice cream–yes, I have heard of that, too.  I also mentioned in one of my breakfast posts that Costco no longer carries my favorite brand of bacon bits.  That same brand can be found at the local supermarket but is outrageously expensive.  S. has encouraged me to make my own as she does.  We had a grand opening of a discount supermarket chain locally with a bargain on bacon–98 cents for 12 ounces, limit 2.  Perfect opportunity to try my hand at making “bits of bacon”.

Bits of Bacon

Freeze bacon……..partially.  If you happen to do what I did and freeze it too long, microwave for 20 seconds to soften.

Cut into 1/2 inch horizontal strips.

Pile into your non-stick skillet.

As bacon cooks and separates, spoon out fat by tilting the pan.

Continue to spoon out fat as it collects.  This aids the crisping of the bacon.

When you are satisfied with your crisps of bacon, strain on a bowl.


Freeze the bits on a sheet pan for ease in keeping them seperate.

Store in freezer bag or container of choice.

Smokey bits of flavor to use as you wish.

Substantial savings–my two twelve ounce packages made 11 ounces of bacon bits and 2/3 cup bacon fat.  Store bacon fat in refrigerator or freezer.

My youngest son has taken to requesting a bacon, cheese, tomato and lettuce wrap for his lunch–an extra motivation to keep these on hand!


This post is part of Tempt My Tummy Tuesday


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8 responses to “Bits of Bacon

  1. I need to do this. It would be really nice to have them on hand….I wonder if I could do them in the oven, like I do regular bacon. I will try!

    • gracefultable

      Hi Sarah,
      I usually do bacon in the oven, too. I liked doing the bits on the stove, not really messy at all like regular bacon slices can be.
      Hope it works for you!

  2. Looks wonderful…we are truly bacon fans here but I think even I would pass on bacon ice cream 🙂


    • gracefultable

      Hi Gail,
      I’m with you on passing on the bacon ice cream; most savory things lend themselves to a bit of bacon, though!

  3. This looks great. My hubby loves bacon.

    Just stopping by via TMTT

  4. This looks so easy and frugal! I will do this next time I get a good deal on bacon.

    • gracefultable

      This method is a great way to ’stretch’ bacon – I get bacon from a local buying club for (gasp) 6.99/lb, and I follow this method to add small amounts of bacon for flavor to things like morning eggs. Its a great way to get the most bang for your buck!

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