Crockpot “Grilled” Onions

S. sent me this link; what a great idea!?!?  Why didn’t I think of it?  We love slow cooked onions in our house but they take SO long and you need to watch them…yadayada….I had a bag of large onions from Costco I needed to use; the timing was perfect.

Here’s how–

Slice several pounds of large onions; my 6 quart crock pot held 6-7 pounds of sliced onions.

I bought the inexpensive Progressive mandolin some time ago and LOVE it.  It makes things like this a breeze…….a bit teary but almost fun as it whizzes through the onions to make nicely even slices.

Load the onions into your crock pot.   Stuff them in.   Put a cube of unsalted butter on top.

Lay the lid on top, tilted slightly.

Cook for 3-4 hours; now put the lid on properly.  Stir as you have a mind to.

And after many more hours–eight in my case–this is what you have:

Beautiful, golden “grilled” onions–decant into jars–my crock made two full quarts–and use at will on everything from burgers to soups.



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