Snow Brought Spring! Menu Plan – More pantry cleanout

To contrast to our blizzard last week, this weekend was beautiful – high 60s, sunny and beautiful. I am still trying to eat largely from the pantry/freezer with just a few fresh items this week. I am renewing my resolution to eat liver once a week – last night we had chicken liver fried up in home-rendered lard with onions over quinoa & asparagus. It was quite tasty!


Breakfast: Potatoes, Onion, Mushroom & Eggs fried in duck fat

Lunch: Homemade sourdough pizza with hot italian sausage, spinach, mushrooms & olives

Dinner: Liver & Onions, quinoa & asparagus

Prep: Start Crackers


Breakfast: Eggs, cheese, cortido

Lunch: Leftover hummus, crackers, leftover pizza

Dinner:  Soup w/country ham & sprouted red beans, broccoli rabe

Prep: Thaw ground beef


Breakfast: Coconut Flour Pancakes

Lunch: Salmon Salad, crackers, veggies

Dinner: Beef Stroganoff

Prep: Thaw scallops


Breakfast: Eggs w/spinach and cheese

Lunch:  Leftover soup

Dinner: Salad w/bay scallops

Prep: thaw refried beans


Breakfast: Yogurt  

Lunch: Egg Salad (recipe coming!)

Dinner: beans, cheese, lettuce, salsa

Prep: Thaw pork chops


Breakfast:  Green Smoothies

Lunch: Sardine salad

Dinner: Pork Chops, salad


Lunch: Hot dogs, sauerkraut, mustard

Dinner: Roasted chicken


See more menu plans at Menu Planning Monday


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