A Beefy Topic

S.  has been eating organic, grass fed products for a while now.  I have mentioned in other posts about the books End of Overeating and UltraMetabolism–they both extolled the benefits of whole foods, especially grass fed meats.  She introduced me to the website, http://www.eatwild.com/ and I found a source for Angus beef not too far away that sounded perfect for our first venture in buying beef in bulk.   With all those encouragements–S. and the books, we decided to take the plunge and purchase a quarter of a beef.  The farm we choose, http://www.pndorganicbeef.com/ had an animal soon to be butchered and on December 28 we made the drive to pick up our order.

Notice that there is a big box of hamburger–about 41 pounds.  Our hanging weight was 157 pounds of beef.  That seems to be average in the research I have done.  Hamburger is about 30-40% of your weight.  We choose mostly one pound packages; we had our steaks packaged in two’s–30 packages, there are five roasts, two packages of ribs, stew meat and dog bones–those are the clear bags–we even have some suet to make soap.  I have been wanting to make homemade soap for a very long time but could never find a source of tallow (suet) so a new adventure, long in wanting, will soon be fulfilled. My plan is to post as I learn about cooking with grass fed beef and how it improves our diet.  We haven’t been eating much beef, especially hamburger because of the low quality of supermarket beef and the prohibitive cost of grass fed beef in the store.  We have had one pound of the hamburger so far and it was amazing.  Wonderful taste, texture and the fat content was perfect.  Look for more posts on our experiences with cooking and eating real beef!



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8 responses to “A Beefy Topic

  1. gracefultable

    I’m so jealous of your beef! I promise to start posting more now in 2010!


  2. Cheri Scribner

    I would love to follow suit. But my hubby is hard to convince that organic grass-fed is worth the cost. What is your take on the price of what you got??

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