Spring Asparagus Breakfast

Do you wonder what to do with a seasonal vegetable after you have been wooed to buy it in the  store?  Such was the case with the tiny reed-thin asparagus I purchased recently at our produce market.  Too tiny to eat alone but,  oh so enchanting, I needed to use it in something, soon.  With a couple of other recent finds–my favorite bacon bits (which Costco has stopped carrying in favor of their own brand) and some dill Havarti cheese, my creative juices started flowing.

Prep work included snapping the ends of the bunch of asparagus and then chopping in couple inch pieces,  grating the cheese with my fine size grater, measuring 1/4 cup bacon bits, and beating 8 eggs with 1/4 cup kefir ( you could use milk, buttermilk or plain yogurt).   I love my non-stick skillet from Target–Kitchen Aid Heavy Duty–to cook eggs.  Melt a bit of butter in your pan and saute the asparagus until tender.

Add the bacon bits and continue to saute until the bacon is crisp.

On medium heat,  gently pour in the egg mixture

and move with a heat resistant spatula as it cooks.

Continue to move eggs around the pan until the eggs are set.

Turn off heat and sprinkle with the cheese.   Cover to allow cheese to melt.

Delicate flavors of dill and asparagus permeate the familiar egg-bacon combination to bring spring into our breakfast!

Happy Spring!




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2 responses to “Spring Asparagus Breakfast

  1. John Trepen


    I would like to put in a request for the Spring Asparagus Breakfast for tomorrow morning. That looks soooo good! I know this is a last minute request so your amazing chocolate chip cookies will do as well if it’s too late 🙂


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