Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Toasted Walnut Biscotti

I know, I know……not another biscotti post.  I think I am coming to an end of my obsession with them but not before I share how I have used the leaner biscotti recipe.  I tried using toasted pecans for the hazelnuts–they were too mild for the aniseed–you couldn’t taste them at all.  Then I tried using toasted almonds and no aniseed–that produced a bland biscotti, which I have to say pleased some in this household.

Next came the above……no anise, a handful of freshly flaked oats (1/2 cup), toasted walnuts and chopped chocolate chips.  

They looked a bit rustic but managed to shape into appropriate logs.

I chopped both the toasted walnuts (12 min @ 325 degrees), slightly cooled and the chocolate chips (1/2 cup) in the food processor, separately.

Baking time was the same as the original recipe.

They cut easily

and the last baking turned them a nice toasty brown.

So there you have it–an almost cookie biscotti to dip in your tea!




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