Flaked Oats

Not many know you can flake your own oatmeal.  Or make your old fashioned oats in the microwave.  Old school meets new.  We do both.  I resisted buying a flaker for a long time.  It seemed a bit expensive for a one-act machine.  Finally, I did and it hasn’t quite lived up to it’s press.  I thought I would be able to flake all sorts of grains–I have had a flour mill for over 20 years that can master any grain or bean–but the flaker, well, there is a reason that rolled oats are so commonly found  in the familiar round box.  All the other grains I’ve tried just don’t flake.  They grind.  Awfully.  So when we need rolled oats, I pull out my flaker and, in minutes, have freshly milled oatmeal.  Not at all like the boxed variety.  We cook our oats in a large glass bowl in the microwave–cover the oats with water, a bit of salt and microwave for several minutes.  The easiest oatmeal you’ll ever make.




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