An Apple a Day

Lucy asked the other day if I was following any special diet given my New Year’s resolution of becoming a triathlete. My short answer was, for now, no. The long answer is a little more complicated and a lot harder to explain. Basically, my eating philosophy as of recent years is to eat foods in their natural state as much as possible (that means very little out of boxes and freezer packs, whole grains, lots of fruits & veggies, and TRY to limit sweets) and most important, be mindful of when and what I eat.

Now – as with all resolves, it is much easier to type that succinct little paragraph then it is to actually practice mindful, whole foods eating on a regular basis. Much easier. Some days/weeks I do really well and I feel amazing, and others (like this week) – I tend to shove everything I can find in my mouth and feel tired, irritable, and my cravings go through the roof.

Writing things down always helps with accountability (right?), so here are a few of my food related goals I am working towards:

Eat seasonally & locally as much as possible for my fresh produce intake. I have taken a step towards this by signing up for the spring season of my local CSA. The season starts in April so look forward to lots of experimentation with new types of fruits & veggies (I hear bok choy grows really well in South Carolina) :]

Eat a variety of foods, particularly grains & proteins, each week. This forces me out of the habit of cooking the same thing, 5 different ways, all week. I’ve discovered new foods and I feel (based on nothing other then my own hunch) that varying the foods I eat provides my body access to more of the bioavailable nutrients that are rumored to be sorely lacking the SAD (Standard American Diet). And as a bonus, if I eat interesting foods, I have noticed that portion control is easier. A few things I have tried recently that will make my forever list: Quinoa (white & red), Canned salmon over a green salad (better then is sounds! omega 3s!), Coconut milk based soups, and mashed potatoes with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese & roasted garlic (need a photo-op for that one).

If I eat at a restaurant – make it count. The south, I have discovered, loves their chain restaurants. I live literally down the street from a Wendy’s, a Subway, a Philly cheesesteak restaurant, a wing place (those are very popular out here) & a McDonalds. All which are fairly busy on a nightly basis. I live in a smaller suburb in one of the less busy areas. Just to give you an idea of restaurants to population. So, on the rare occasions we decide to eat out, I’m giving my business co restaurants that put effort into their menu. A few of my favorites so far: EVO Pizza & Park Circle Coffee 

So – back to my picture. That is a honeycrisp Apple – straight from WA state. Not anywhere close to local but oh – so – good. I highly recommend them.

Next post – I will have a recipe to share. Happy eating!


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