Holiday meals & glorious leftovers

I’m still adjusting to having the camera ready at a moments notice to document my novel creations via photography, so bear with me as my early posts will most likely be sans photographs.

Christmas was a beautiful balmy day – full of baking, good friends, and a video web cast to the snowy northwest. The meal was simple – bone-in spiral cut honey cured ham, mashed red new potatoes without any frills ( just butter, milk, salt & pepper, thanks), stuffing with homemade bread and hot Italian sausage, sweet onions & mushrooms, these sweet potatoes (sans the macadamia nuts, time was running short and guest were hungry so I did without, but I’m sure they would have been tasty), green bean casserole (with homemade cream of mushroom soup – an new house favorite) & homemade crescent rolls. Dessert was homemade pumpkin pie, fresh whipped cream, steaming pot of coffee & buckeyes (peanut butter balls, of course).

And the best part about Christmas dinner? The leftovers – of course! The ham bone is waiting patiently in the refrigerator to add flavor to a pot of bean soup, the croissants are down to just a few, and the pie is calling my name from dawn til dusk.

And, of course, as quickly as Valentine’s day decorations hit the shelves Friday morning, I am already thinking of my next culinary endeavors – a sourdough starter with pineapple juice? Kefir ice cream? The opportunities are endless.

Next time, I promise to bring the camera.


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