Two things are non-negotiable:  Coconut Goodies (think Mounds bar with dark chocolate) and Peanut Butter Balls (think Reese’s pb cups)…….they require the dipping you see in the picture.  The recipes are on typewriter paper (yes, typewriter, not copy–it’s that old), handwritten, yelllowed with age, slipped into a plastic sleeve.  Several years ago I realized that my tattered, yelllowing paper clips needed some care or they would be no more, so I spent some time organizing them by type and pasting them to sheets of (this time) copy paper and put the most used ones into sleeves.  It’s a bit easier now to find the recipes and the yellowing is slowed but still I know that at some point a cookbook will need to be made–to pass on to the next generation.  Already, one of my sons is in Ukraine serving with Peace Corps has asked for the PB Ball recipe.  Peanut butter is unheard of in Ukraine.  Unbelievable.  He gave some to his landlord who declared it was the best thing he had ever tasted!  I digress.  Some years I get help with the dipping and sometimes I take pleasure in doing it myself.  Regardless, they are the favorites of the cookie plates. 

Here are the recipes–you can use shortening or butter instead of wax to thin the chocolate.



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