Winter Storms

 Our rural northwest home near Portland–Oregon, not Maine,  is experiencing an onslaught of winter storms.   Every avenue of media is warning Stay home!  Be prepared for outages!!  Stock up on emergency supplies:  food, water, batteries!!! Cloistered at home for days on end seems a perfect time to a launch a food blog–something we, mother and daughter, living 3000 miles and food cultures apart, have tossed around for some time.   We think trying a new recipe–yes, especially when company is coming–is a perfect activity, creative and productive.

Christmas is just days away and we have been, in each of our homes,  deep into the flour and sugar to prepare our traditional Christmas plates–38 years for me; 18 for her.   Some items are non-negotiable–we make them EVERY year but others come and go, depending on mood and desire.   Baking is a huge part of our lives–we both are enamored with the whole activity.   I have been baking bread forever but Sarah has just taken it up in the past few years.

So there you are–baking and cooking–we want you to join us on our journey of setting a Graceful Table.


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